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I AM that girl, and I rock!

April 4, 2012

So, if you haven’t seen it already, Lauren and I started our vlogging journey because we are both so full of passion sometimes that we’re just about to burst. Because of this, we decided that we needed to share this love with the rest of the world, and FueledWithPassion was born! However, Lauren and I really started having our discussions when she told me about an amazing girl that inspired her passion: Alexis Jones. She started the organization “I Am That Girl,” which promotes self-confidence in women and healthy media to combat the pressure of perfection in our world today. Lauren and I have both been touched by the work she has done to change the face of media and how it can affect our self-images. Therefore, when Lauren told me about the new campaign that I Am That Girl has been doing recently, we had to join in.

Recently, we made and sent in a video to their site for the new campaign “That Girl Rocks,” in which both guys and girls are encouraged to make a video about a girl in their life who inspires them. Lauren and I decided to get together, talk about Alexis Jones and her movement together on camera, and then film separate videos about our girl that “rocks.” This is the end result 🙂

You can learn more about Alexis Jones and I Am That Girl here, or more about the new That Girl Rocks campaign here. You can also support the movement by following them on Twitter and trending #HealthyMedia.

P.S.: Not long after we made this video, we got an e-mail from a director involved in I Am That Girl asking Lauren and I if we would be “up to the challenge” of starting a local chapter of I Am That Girl HERE! We talk to her tomorrow! Fingers crossed that all goes well–this could be life changing! XD

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