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Third Day.

January 10, 2013

“Before Alice got to Wonderland, she had to fall pretty hard down a deep hole.”

Last week, I posted a New Year’s blog in a small effort to make a big start to the New Year. I looked back, as I often do, at the blog I posted last year. It was full of high hopes and big goals, almost none of which I reached in 2012. I got discouraged super easy, and as I logged back into wordpress for the first time in almost 8 months, I thought, “What’s the point? Sure, I’d love to do a blog. I’m super inspired by other bloggers that I follow, like my best friend Lauren, who did a blog following her journey of trying something new every day and continues to be a blog genius!, or WordPress blogger that I follow, Evan, at thebettermanproject, who’s publishing a novel soon. I know I can do these things, but it’s even harder to get up each time you give up. 

My compromise here was to start with smaller steps, as I mentioned in my most recent post. I picked up an old running routine and route that I’ve tried a few times, and picked a few free-weight workouts that I could do in my room. For me, doing enough has never been a problem. When I get my mind on trying something new, no matter what it is, I’m headstrong for two good days. Two. I get pretty satisfied with myself for doing something for more than a day and then I tell myself that’s okay to take a break after the second day. Even in previous workout routines that I’ve tried or efforts to eat better, even efforts to try to break old habits, I flop around day three. Writing books. Saving money. Reading all of the chapter for class. Completing a craft project. Blogging. 

And what I learned today, as I jogged around the block for my third day was this: Milestones are there for a reason. If you accomplish something that you’ve never done before, give yourself a pat on the back, because you rock! But the journey is not over just because you surprised yourself. That’s only one of many hills you will have to climb. 

So today, I’m proud of the fact that I started out with about a mile and a half of neighborhood that I walk/ran in 30 minutes (part of the awesome beginner’s running program you can find here.) I’ve tried starting this get-up a few times, and as I started it again this week I remembered the places where I would need to begin running on the street. By today, I was still walking when I got to those places, and I had to lengthen the distance that it took me to walk/run in 30 minutes. It was a small victory; something I had never before experienced until the third day. I’m gonna admit, I felt like a badass walking up that last hill home today. 

Today’s moral is this: while a journey may begin with only one step, it takes more than one to get out of the house and on your way. Don’t stop after the first step 😉

My goal, for future blogs, besides writing about random things and awesome recipes that pass my way, is to look back at my blog in the coming year and say, “Yep, I did that.”

Go do something great!


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  1. January 12, 2013 6:39 pm

    You are such a badass! And this is just one of many reasons why you’re my best friend 🙂 I LOVE YOU and am so dang proud of you!!! xoxo

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