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The Bucket List.

I’ve had this sucker in a little red composition book for some time now, but I think I could bear sharing it with the rest of the world. I wrote most of it on a plane back home from New Mexico after my first trip Southwest. Needless to say, I’ve been adding to it ever since. Some of these are literal goals, and some are abstract. Note: these are in no particular order.

  1. Publish a book.
  2. Publish multiple books.
  3. Live in New York City.
  4. Visit Cano Cristales; walk in the “Most Beautiful River in the World.”
  5. Make elaborate clothing.
  6. Make elaborate jewelry.
  7. Have 4 children.
  8. Fall in love. Permanently. Find my soulmate. 
  9. Get married.
  10. Learn to play the guitar.
  11. Learn to play the violin. Or the banjo.
  12. Play the piano in front of people without freaking out.
  13. Own and restore a VW van.
  14. Love my art.
  15. Live in San Francisco.
  16. Live in Swansboro. Permanently.
  17. Have a lot of animals.
  18. Draw something in front of people.
  19. Have a working darkroom.
  20. Own a Jeep Wrangler.
  21. Make a fool of myself and not think twice about it.
  22. Visit Italy. For awhile.
  23. Learn Italian.
  24. Learn sign language.
  25. Own a boat.
  26. Get my Bachelor’s degree.
  27. Get my Master’s degree.
  28. Get my Doctorate.
  29. Stop worrying so much.
  30. Stop listening to everyone else so much.
  31. Save someone’s life.
  32. Preach in church.
  33. Be someone’s hero.
  34. Pray constantly.
  35. Write every day.
  36. Be creative every day.
  37. Cover at least one room in my house with collages.
  38. Be a counselor/therapist.
  39. Visit all seven continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Australia.
  40. Visit every state in the US: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Arkansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Alabama, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Utah, Nebraska.
  41. Visit every country in the world. (I’m sorry, but I’m not naming all of those. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.)
  42. Get a tattoo that I drew/designed.
  43. Swim with whales.
  44. Be successful.
  45. Become a certified interpreter for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.
  46. Garden.
  47. Become a skilled swimmer.
  48. Get addicted to something good for me.
  49. Get into sculpture.
  50. Teach all of my children how to play musical instruments.
  51. Drag race “big.”
  52. Make sure all my children know their way around a car.
  53. Complete a triathlon.
  54. Learn to surf.
  55. Work for/intern with the United Nations.
  56. Live abroad (as in, out of the US).
  57. Ride an elephant.
  58. Build my permanent home with my own two hands.
  59. Attend the Olympics.
  60. Scuba the Great Barrier Reef.
  61. Go cliff diving.
  62. Witness something miraculous.
  63. Drive from NC to California.
  64. Walk the entire length of the Great Wall of China.
  65. Accomplish a blog goal.
  66. Interpret for the President of the United States.
  67. Read the 100 books on Time Magazine’s 100 Greatest Novels of all Time
  68. Volunteer at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica.
  69. Raise a family of sloths in my greenhouse.
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  1. March 21, 2012 4:55 am

    Hi Jessica
    Jeepers’ that isn’t a bucket list, it’s a forty four gallon drum list, but I’m sure you will do it.
    Best of luck and cheers from the other side of the planet.

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